• It all started in 2004, with FETTO 9.0—such a GREAT sounding, plexi born distortion bomb!

Step Two (2) of this is little blondino, 17 years later, now in a smaller footprint but still with the same GREAT tone and feel! Added to this also an internal, switchable, Class A/A Class discrete PACO buffer.

little blondino—when you need any sounds from crunchy into punchy into singing/roaring—all the way amp sounding, touch sensitive—70’s influenced tones here we go go go!

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The Great Blondino!

Sture Dahlström (1922-2001)

In the novel “The Great Blondino” (1987) we get a friend in the dancer and avant-garde filmmaker Frans Eric von Fitzenstrahl and his many projects; his eruptive film arrangements and convulsive conquests of women and so much more.

Fitzenstrahl (called The Great Blondino) lives in a makeup lodge in a combined theatre & brothel in Paris with his books, his Bolex film camera and his clipboard.

He arranges experimental film screenings in a small neighbourhood salon with thirty projectors running simultaneously from all directions, the film can be seen everywhere, on walls, ceilings—on the heads of the audience! He seduces a great amount of women, the prima donna Erika von Herrlichhausen, the Finnish Lotta, the Latin American poetess Josefita Castrato…

Every now and then he improvises the Nobel Fake: He finds literary societies in the USA, Spain, Italy and in France pretending to be one of the members of the Swedish Academy who is out looking for Nobel Prize candidates. This way he gets large bribes to stay in the best hotels, to eat the most luxurious dinners & drink those…

His specialty as an avant-garde filmmaker is double exposures. And triple exposures and up to ten times the overlays on one and the same strip.

He travels to Cannes where he gets money to start one of the biggest avant-garde movie projects ever—with two hundred thousand extras! His movie is completely improvised, of course, without a script, even without film in the camera. What he does is spectacle, he stage-manages revolts!

Den Store Blondino/The Great Blondino was chosen by the Sture Dahlström Society in Sweden to be Sture Dahlströms best creation ever.

little blondino—THE NAME

The name of this pedal is our way of reminding & tributing Sture Dahlström and his incomparable novel "The Great Blondino"—if you have not read it yet, ya go do it now! (So far only in Swedish language)


Power ‍Consumption

9 ‍V ‍DC/2.5 ‍mA ‍(Very ‍low ‍power ‍consumption/no internal battery power available)

‍AC ‍Adapter ‍(Optional)

5-18 ‍V ‍DC, ‍center-pin ‍negative ‍(Straight ‍plug, ‍BOSS ‍Standard ‍connection, ‍regulated ‍power ‍supply)

That remarkable little blondino…

Dimensions ‍(L/W/H)

93,0/38,5/47,0 ‍mm ‍(3,66/1,5/1,85 ‍In)—Weight: ‍225 ‍grams/0,5 ‍lbs

Colour, ‍finish

May ‍vary ‍depending ‍on ‍season ‍and ‍maybe a ‍reason. ‍June ‍2021 ‍and ‍further ‍on: ‍ White ‍with ‍grey or black ‍print (random)



ON/OFF—Mechanical switching (true bypass/or buffer*) for the OVERDRIVE circuit: ON=green LED

* Internal SETTINGS for True Bypass or Discrete (JFET A CLASS transistor) Buffer circuit. 


GAIN—Amount of overdrive/distortion, very natural, “amp sounding” all the way from lighter/medium/into heavier sounds (but never “Metal”)
TONE—Higher frequencies tone control (passive)
VOL—Output level (as loud as you’ll need)


► Drive Gain jumper + 2 x Drive Jumpers to set the DRIVE levels/character (for “Factory Default” adjustments)


  • ► Sound and feel—at this size—you have not experienced before

  • ► 1 x printed Owner’s Manual

  • ► 1 x Warranty: The Himmelstrutz Elektro Art products includes a 1 year limited materials- and factory warranty (from delivery date). The warranty does not include batteries and consumables. Product service is free of charge during the warranty time. The warranty does not include errors due to product modifications, internal adjustments, disassembly, negligence/violence, incorrect power supply usage/incorrect connections or thunder. Shipping costs in non warranty cases is on the product owner

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half transparent little blondino

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