Get yourself a PACO if you’re familiar with anything (or all) of this:

► My tone is muddy/lifeless with them fantastic pedals bypassed—and I have THE True Bypass System!

► Out of kindness and experience I have to tell buffered systems is poop, True Tone is in my fingers—and True Bypass rules!

► I don’t play/perform if I can’t bring my own, high quality instrument cables—and of course True Bypass!

► My old FUZZ pedal(s) and ears can’t stand buffers—they kill the responsiveness of all instruments and any kind of music—only True Bypass works!

Still not convinced you need a super high quality Swedish driver/buffer? Don’t worry—when disengaged (LED off) PACO is 100% True Bypass, as if that’s still what you prefer, probably not so often from now on…

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Non EU=$159 USD
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Buy Now
EU=€159 EUR
(Swedish VAT included)

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Power ‍Consumption

9 V DC/2-14 mA

‍AC ‍Adapter ‍(Optional)

9-18 V DC, center-pin negative (BOSS Standard connection, regulated power supply)

Input impedance

1.000.000 ohms

Output impedance

250 ohms

Listen to PACO…

Mechanical True Bypass/Driver/Buffer switching

ON indicated with an elegant, Devil-inspired LED (could be any colour)

Dimensions ‍(L/W/H)

92,5/38,5/45,0 mm (3,64/1,51/1,77 In)
▪ Weight: 150 grams (0,33 lbs)

Colour, ‍finish

May ‍vary ‍depending ‍on ‍season ‍and ‍ ‍reason. ‍2018 ‍and ‍further ‍on: ‍Metal ‍Grey with black print



ON/OFF—Mechanical True Bypass or Buffer mode. ON indicated with a bright LED, always inspired by a higher or lower Force.


► No internal user controls


  • ► Sound and feel you have not experienced before

  • ► 1 x printed Owner’s Manual

  • ► 1 x Warranty: The Himmelstrutz Elektro Art products includes a 1 year limited materials- and factory warranty (from delivery date). The warranty does not include batteries and consumables. Product service is free of charge during the warranty time. The warranty does not include errors due to product modifications, internal adjustments, disassembly, negligence/violence, incorrect power supply usage/incorrect connections or thunder. Shipping costs in non warranty cases is on the product owner.



Non EU=$159 USD
(No Swedish VAT)

EU=€159 EUR
(Swedish VAT included)