FETTO was born when the Swedish hipster, Joakim Hedeby, developed it in 1988. Then the project went asleep for 16.6 years. Him too.


Even if FETTO was asleep for many years it was never dead, what to get good might take some time… 


In 2004 the project woke up again and the first public FETTO was released and since then it’s been all time awake and made in quite a few versions. This page is to explain the differences between the different models and its causes.




FETTO 9.0 (Mar 2004-Mar 2005)

Our first available/released FETTO was named FETTO 9.0. It may seem strange to name it 9.0 instead of 1.0—but the reason for this was quite a few prototypes were made (1.0 - 8.0) and FETTO 9.0 was the first release. Aha, that explanation makes it all logical, indeed! 


A few different 9.0’s were made out of wishes from guys who wanted personalised layouts (the look/prints). Even if they looked quite different they all had the same inner-winner content (electronics) and sounded pretty much identical.


In the very beginning FETTO 9.0 had small, screw mounted hard plastic knobs on potentiometers with a 4 mm shaft. Though this knob tended to crack by time, they were later changed to the ones still used today: High quality rubber knobs mounted on potentiometers with 6 mm split shaft, loved by probably everyone.


Most of the 9.0’s had a “screen print” made on a laser printed film. This was later changed to real screen print with great help from our friends at LJ Screen, Sweden.


An unique option in FETTO, except for its sound, has always been the inner tweak-ability. This to make it possible to match different guitars, amps and tastes. Inside 9.0 we could find five jumpers*, four DIP-switches and one trimmer (picture below). 

* small switch, often used in computers etc.

In 2004 we thought FETTO had what’s called “True Bypass”. But we were soon told this our definition was incorrect! Thanks goes to Andreas Möller at Stinkfoot Electronics for his educational true bypass information.


Even if FETTO 9.0 didn't have “true” bypass (and was not possible to modify) it soon became what we call popular.


FETTO 10.0 (Apr. 2005-May 2006)

Because of the embarrassing mistake with the bypass in 9.0, it was soon updated to 10.0. With True Bypass and the same hot sound engine as 9.0 one “Mid Cut/Boost” jumper and one “Input Level” trimmer was added. This trimmer was soon cancelled because it was actually never needed, just more confusing. So the difference between 9.0 and most of the 10.0’s is the Mid jumper and the bypass circuitry.


10.0 was equipped with 6 jumpers, 4 DIP switches and 1-2 trimmers (below).

FETTO 11.0 (May 2006-Jun 2006)

Wishes about the tone control came in—“the tone control in FETTO 9-10 does too much, please make it do less!”


As musicians have sensitive senses—ears, fingers & eyes—we now came to learn the tone control needed an update, yeah! A few additional updates were performed as well.


FETTO 11.0 had more bass than earlier versions. So one “Low End” jumper was replaced with a “Character” jumper, the “Output Level/Treble Cut” jumper was replaced with an output stage buffer. All this together made a big difference sound wise, mostly because of the new, fantastic “less is more” tone control.


The screen print also changed: The picture of the fat evil woman and the poor little kind man in Mickey Mouse underwear was replaced with a stupid ostrich.


The tone control was renamed to “Cut” and the AC adapter print changed to “5-18V” instead of “5-24V”. This is a better span for all FETTO’s even if they all #can handle up to 24 volts.


11.0 was equipped with 5 jumpers, 4 DIP switches and 1 trimmer (below).


#=These early FETTO versions will most likely never sound good at 24 volts.

FETTO 11.1 (Jun 2006-Oct 2007)

FETTO 11.1 (=9.0 and 10.0 inseminated)—which in 2009 was transformed to FETTO Nord 70 which in 2012 became FETTO Nord 70 Plus—was equipped with a few extra facilities. The “classic” tone control was back, as it was a stupid mistake to modify it in 11.0, which by accident actually was more optimised for bass than for guitars. So if you’re bass player and need a musical sounding overdrive/distortion pedal, keep at least one eye open for a used FETTO 11.0…


The “Output Buffer” (not to be associated with with bypass buffers) from 11.0 was replaced with the old “Output Level/Treble Cut” function. In this version it was a trimmer instead of this jumper and this way it was possible to tweak the output impedance/response of FETTO. The “Character” jumper from 11.0 was still there (named Voice) and the screen print was almost identical with 11.0, but on most copies of 11.1 the tone control was named “Presence”.


FETTO 11.1 came with 6 jumpers, 4 DIP switches and 2 trimmers (below).

FETTO Standard, 12.0 (Oct 2007-Apr 2009)

When FETTO Deluxe was released (Apr. 2007) the original FETTO got jealous and also wanted a family name! Because of this it was baptised to “FETTO Standard”. All earlier FETTO’s were named “FETTO” plus a version number: example “FETTO 11.1”.


The early versions of FETTO (9.0-11.1) had single layered PCB’s (printed circuit boards). FETTO Standard (12.0) came with a multi layer board—just like all current products—with through holes and well designed ground plane(s) to make it even more durable and to eliminate the risk of interferences. Why do single sided PCB’s even exist then? Well, single sided boards without through holes are less expensive and the service is a lot easier. Catch 22? No, as multi layer boards with through holes will not need any “service”—the through holes makes the soldering very durable!


Internal adjustments:

To make it easier for the user, the internal jumpers and switches was replaced by 4 trimmers, to still be able to tweak the sound if needed. You could still do about the same, but in an easier way. The trimmers was to adjust:

  • 1. Lowdrive/Bass (bass/overdrive)
  • 2. Gain (global gain)
  • 3. Mid (mid frequencies)
  • 4. Treble Cut (if the amp is too bright)

From serial #1287 (March 2009) the type of serial numbers changed, (to #087) and the Treble Cut trimmer was cancelled by obvious reasons.


A few units at this time had an external toggle switch added to adjust gain levels/sound character. Switches etc. may be added on chosen units/models in the future, most likely by random, because it’s important for the development (Oct 2011).


User layout:

The In/Out jacks were moved downwards, closer to the true bypass switch, and the AC-adapter was moved upwards. This layout makes the routing for the AC adapter more appropriate—as the power supply, in a perfect world, comes routed from the north. This way Fetto’s internal signal path will be even more optimal compared to earlier models.



FETTO Deluxe** (later replaced by FETTO C-Luxe **—much later replaced/updated to FETTO Maximus) and Miss Nutcracker** (Dec. 2007, later replaced by Mr. Nutcracker). 


The Himmelstrutz pedals may come in different colours in the future, so you better ask about the current colour/finish if you care about the small details, which you probably do as you’re here now reading this Book Of History!


From January 2009 most Himmelstrutz’ pedals have been powder coated in “Stockholm White” with a grey/silver silk screen and, good enough, no one knows what the future may bring!

** = not available 2018

FETTO Standard, 13.0 (Apr. 2009-)

Since here a few more—or actually a whole lot of!—models have been developed and made, which in December 2018 still are 100% handmade by the same guy in Sweden who started it in 2004

For more info, check this article (PDF) from 2011…


FETTO Deluxe is evil in a pleasant way and very tube-like. This has been said before many times at this website and also by other pedal makers but with FETTO Deluxe you will be surprised how easy it is to get great, punchy distortion—at any volume.


Perfect string separation, all the way from smooth overdrive to heavy distortion. Never lose the character of your instrument or amplifier. Designed to match the volume control on your guitar perfectly. Most pedals sounds just like a pedal. Not the case with any of the FETTO’s which sound like an extension of your amplifier. Have you heard this before? Well, this time it's true!



** = not available 2018

FETTO Deluxe was made by Joakim Hedeby/Himmelstrutz Elektro Art, March 2007 to January 2009.

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