The FETTO Junior 70 enhances most good valve amps with warmth, harmonics, and creamy overdrive / distortion. Or when paired with Himmelstrutz's own unique amps like the Himmelstrutz 8 or the Himmelstrutz Gnome, a magical synergy is formed. These amps can replace / complement the qualities of valve amps, offering rich tones, clarity, the dynamics and playing feel. The FETTO Junior 70 elevates this sonic landscape, adding an extra touch to the already fantastic tones many amps produce. The exceptional touch sensitivity in Himmelstrutz gear ensures that every nuance of your playing is captured with finesse, making your musical travel a true work of art!

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  • It all started in 2004, with FETTO 9.0—such a GREAT sounding, plexi born distortion-bomb!

Step Two (2) of FETTo 9.0 and its later siblings is FETTO Junior 70, now in a little footprint but still with the same GREAT tone and feel! Added to this also a high quality, discrete class A (PACO) buffer available (True Bypass or Buffer mode switchable in FETTO Junior 70 on the side of the chassis).

FETTO Junior 70—when you need overdrive sounds with the DNA of FETTO Nord 70+in a smaller size and without most “extras”—anything from crunchy into punchy into singing/roaring—all the way amp sounding, touch sensitive 70’s influenced tones here we go—Ed, Mick & RAM let's go…

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Screen print may be black, may be grey…
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FETTO Junior 70
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Early Development Step


Power ‍Consumption

9 ‍V ‍DC/2.5 ‍mA ‍= very ‍low ‍power ‍consumption/no internal battery power possible/available!

AC ‍Adapter ‍(Optional)

5-18 ‍V ‍DC, ‍center-pin ‍negative ‍(Straight ‍plug, ‍BOSS ‍Standard ‍connection, ‍regulated ‍power ‍supply)

FETTO Junior 70

Dimensions ‍(L/W/H)

93,0/38,5/47,0 ‍mm ‍(3,66/1,5/1,85 ‍In)—Weight: ‍225 ‍grams/0,5 ‍lbs

Colour, ‍finish

May ‍vary ‍depending ‍on ‍season ‍and ‍maybe a ‍reason. ‍June ‍2021 ‍and ‍further ‍on: ‍ White ‍with ‍grey or black ‍print (random)



ON/OFF—Mechanical switching (true bypass/or buffer*) for the OVERDRIVE circuit: ON=green or orange LED

* slide switch ON THE SIDE OF THE CHASSIS for True Bypass or Discrete (JFET A CLASS transistor) Buffer circuit. 


DRIVE—Amount of overdrive/distortion, very natural, “amp sounding” all the way from lighter/medium/into heavier sounds (but never “Metal”)
TONE—Higher frequencies tone control (passive)
VOLUME—Output level (as loud as you’ll need)


► 1 x Gain jumper + 2 x Treble Cut Jumpers 

Early Development Step


  • ► Sound and feel and size you have not experienced before

  • ► 1 x printed Owner’s Manual

  • ► 1 x Warranty: The Himmelstrutz Elektro Art products includes a 1 year limited materials- and factory warranty (from delivery date). The warranty does not include batteries and consumables. Product service is free of charge during the warranty time. The warranty does not include errors due to product modifications, internal adjustments, disassembly, negligence/violence, incorrect power supply usage/incorrect connections or thunder. Shipping costs in non warranty cases is on the product owner

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Non EU=$199 USD
EU=€199 EUR

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Owner’s Manual