The smallest and most real/powerful pedalboard amp on daddy-cool-earth!

The GNOME—Swedish Analog Rock Beast!

... or, btw, forgot to mention above, there might be an all unique optical power compressor available soon, the project name is (Rock) BULBoa ...

The GNOME himself!


GNOME with white control knobs…

Here is GNOME with shiny white control knobs! You can get these if you send us an email (red text) in tandem with ordering below...

Himmelstrutz GNOME is a slick, portable, 100% complete & competent guitar amplifier—designed and assembled in Sweden assisted by an all discrete Class A preamp (with a serial effects loop) and a Mosfet power amplifier of max 30 watts @ 8 Ω—which makes this pure little animal LOUD!


Himmelstrutz GNOME amp with white control knobsThe Old StyleHimmelstrutz GNOME amp with black control knobs

In 2022 Himmelstrutz Elektro Art jumps into the amplifier world to make a new kind of, a different amp named Himmelstrutz 8. What makes this creation unique and new in this time is it's so small you can hardly see it and also free from digital functions and “IR” you have to control from your mobile phone—it’s simply an analog & complete guitar amplifier of 8 watts @ 8 Ω with Bass, Mid, Treble & Volume controls with a serial effects loop—in a classic ”MXR” sized pedal format! That's it and this is probably the most real amplifier around at this time, with authentic valve ampy/bell-like qualities/feel suitable for very inspiring recordings, practicing and also for gigging; imagine the old king Marshall Plexi but much smaller, a short description would be it has clean, sparkling sounds on lower volumes and roaring, sustaining sounds @ higher volumes which cut through so well in any musical mix—while fitting in your pocket and also as a proud member of your holy pedalboard!

What we don’t know here is that some dudes need more than 8 watts & one more important function in an amp while still being analog and thereby the GNOME amp project starts!

The GNOME amp is of the same size as the great little 8 / = 115 x 62 x 55 millimeters, still an analog solid state beast in the physical form of a tiny pedal. And this our newer model can handle effect pedals even better than the 8, if possible, and also a switchable DIRT (all original overdrive) channel has been added, in form of one knob named “DIRT” in case you don’t have a great sounding overdrive pedal around. This means GNOME is easy to use—only 5 knobs instead of 18 or 30 and 1 switch instead of so many more. Less is more!

Just as Himmelstrutz 8 the GNOME is built with an all discrete Class A pre amplifier—no dead sounding integrated circuits/op amps with clipping diodes etc—with a serial effects loop and a Mosfet power amp delivering up to 30 watts @ 8 Ω which makes this rock n' roll filthy animal LOUD. It is now time to rethink them old fashioned valve-empire-thoughts and let yourself take an important step forward—Let’s jump!

Note: if you think 30 watt is too loud and you for sure dislike a fantastic switchable DIRT channel on your amp, as you only want your overdrive(s) from overdrive pedals, check out the Himmelstrutz 8!

Question: Why this stupid Himmelstrutz GNOME amp? Isn’t it enough with the small, filthy Himmelstrutz 8?

Answer: There’s no such thing as stupid or enough! GNOME is louder and has a DIRT channel. Added to that it also has an overall different character/feel compared to Himmelstrutz 8, meaning both are for sure needed. We call this diversity insead of monotony/monopoly.

The GNOME is designed and assembled in Sweden—the foundation of all Himmelstrutz products—by the same dude who started this company in 2004.

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(With 1 x dedicated 24V DC/2,5A Power Adapter included) 
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Himmelstrutz GNOME with black controls
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Himmelstrutz GNOME with white controls
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GNOME Black shiny knobs
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Check out where/why it all started...


The Old Style

Size / Weight / Sound / Feel / Beat!

Them good old valve amplifiers have been popular among musicians for about 7 decades and still are. The reasons for this are many; but in particular because of the sound, the feel and also the looks!

There's been many times when these good old valves (old fashioned) have been challenged to be replaced by more modern gadgets based upon solid state technology = transistor solutions or integrated circuits. A few times it's been not all bad, but most of the times we have heard / felt something important and deep is missing: the sparkle, the glass, the tactile dynamics so typical in them musical valves which for sure is tough to replace or even to compete with!

No way! In 2022 Himmelstrutz Elektro Art decided to give it a go and started with a remarkable amplifier project which came to be the Himmelstrutz 8, an 8 watt guitar / bass amplifier, this time—again!—to be compared to and compete with the great valve amplifiers!

What we didn’t know, while developing Himmelstrutz 8, was that some users needed even more power (+ more functions but still preferred a 100% analog amp and still simple) and thereby  GNOME was soon born.

GNOME on your pedalboard!
GNOME on a pedalboard replacing an ol’ huge valve amp. From here all you need is a speaker cable to your speaker!

GNOME on your pedalboard

If you plan to place Himmelstrutz GNOME on your pedalboard and want to use a suitable pedalboard power supply we have 3 suggestions for you.

1. CIOKS DC7 (has 24V DC/2A)


3. STRYMON ZUMA (has 24V DC/1.5A)

You also need 2 wires to make the connections (centre plus) from the power supply to Himmelstrutz GNOME, for example:

A. Cioks L0110

B. Cioks 2030