Himmelstrutz Eight—8 Watt Guitar Amplifier


Valve amplifiers rule & is MIghty Kingdom! But may be a bit old fashioned these days, like many Kingdoms. To even try out an alternative to them old fashioned Kingdoms the update/requirements has been as follows:

The sound and feel has to be all correct: in other words it should sound and feel the same as playing a really good energy consuming valve amplifier—which in guitar amplifiers need to have that so characteristic piano timbre included, which you feel in your hands/body & mind!
      Well, why not simply make a valve amplifier and stay happy with that, why reinvent the wheel? That’s because there are already so many really good valve amplifiers available which means Himmelstrutz Elektro Art do not need to make another valve amplifier—in the same manner! In our modern times it should be possible to use something other than technology from the stone age. All of us should think about reducing the energy/space on this earth to be consumed, sometimes perhaps even wasted, preferably without missing out on other good things—why not also in a smaller format! Because of these simple reasons you have now arrived here to join the revolution: Himmelstrutz 8! If you by any reason need more power than this and also a very musical valve feeling/sounding DIRTY channel go check out our GNOME Amp!


Fender Princeton Reverb Reissue

Fender Princeton Reverb Reissue (no pedals in front)

Himmelstrutz 8 Amplifier, TC HOF Mini in FX Loop

Himmelstrutz 8 (no pedals in front)


Himmelstrutz 8 Amplifier
(With 1 x dedicated 24V DC/1,0A Power Adapter included) 
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Himmelstrutz 8 Top Rear
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Himmelstrutz 8 Amplifier Top Front


Himmelstrutz 8 Amplifier

Himmelstrutz 8 is a slick, portable, 100% complete & competent guitar / bass amplifier—designed and assembled in Sweden assisted by an all discrete Class A preamp (with a serial effects loop) and a Mosfet power amplifier of 8 watts @ 8 Ω—which makes this little rock n' roll pony surprisingly LOUD!


If you need a more overdriven sound, to dive into pure rock n' roll Himmelstrutz 8 is THE perfect complement / a great pedal platform for any of the Himmelstrutz pedals available Most likely also suitable for many other well designed pedals out there. With that said we do recommend an overdrive pedal to get a more complete Himmelstrutz 8 experience—or go with The Gnome if you dislike using overdrive pedals!



Himmelstrutz 8—Cute & Huge!


Himmelstrutz 8...

Size / Weight / Heat—Sound / Feel / Beat!

Them good old valve amplifiers have been popular among musicians for about 7 decades and still are. The reasons for this are many; but in particular because of the sound, the feel and also the looks!

There's been many times when these good old valves (old fashioned) have been challenged to be replaced by more modern gadgets based upon solid state technology = transistor solutions or integrated circuits. A few times it's been not all bad, but most of the times we have heard / felt something important and deep is missing: the sparkle, the glass, the tactile dynamics so typical in them musical valves which for sure is tough to replace or even to compete with!

No way! In 2022 Himmelstrutz Elektro Art decided to give it a go and started with this remarkable amplifier project which came to be Himmelstrutz 8, an 8 watt guitar / bass amplifier, this time—again!—to be compared to and compete with the great valve amplifiers! Now as a very SMALL and handy unit which is also GREAT as it saves a lot of energy for our world—read below—while still behaving well & delivering the wanted tones & feel we need and recognize from the old fashioned classic valve amplifiers!

Is this even possible?

Of course! But that’s also a thing for you to decide


Himmelstrutz 8 With Speakers
Himmelstrutz 8, that party animal!

Trailblazing Auto Standby

As Himmelstrutz 8 is a complete guitar / bass amplifier (preamp + power amp) it means voltage & current is needed to drive the speakers (=power) which makes you hear the sound. The possibility to drive these speakers, which in Himmelstrutz 8 is performed by an all discrete Class A / B Mosfet power amplifier means some **idle power / heat / waste is also generated—Himmelstrutz 8, a Hellraiser!

** To minimize this idle power, for the environment / to save energy as good as we can Himmelstrutz 8 has an all original Himmelstrutz Auto Standby function which makes this gangsta automatically get into Standby mode = asleep / switched off / no waste / no heat if the performer don’t play the instrument for about 90 seconds. This way the amplifier will get cold / quiet also if the performer (probably you) fall asleep or slip away for 3 years of Holidays In The Sun!

Check out the examples below… 

8 on your pedalboard!
Himmelstrutz 8 on a pedalboard (power supply below)

8 on your pedalboard

If you plan to place Himmelstrutz 8  on your pedalboard and want to use a suitable power supply we have 3 neat suggestions for you.

1. CIOKS DC7 (has 24V DC/2A)


3. STRYMON ZUMA (has 24V DC/1.5A)

You also need 2 wires to make the connections (centre plus) from the power supply to Himmelstrutz 8, for example:

A. Cioks L0110

B. Cioks 2030

Himmelstrutz 8 Amplifier
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Himmelstrutz 8 Amplifier


"Pure no-nonsense tone machine—unsurpassed TONE-DYNAMICS-PORTABILITY!"