FETTO Nord 70+ is an extension of the original “FETTO 9.0” (2004) and also an extraction of the great FETTO Nord+ as Mikael Nord Andersson loved it and developed it with us in 2008-2009. 

Excellent string separation/definition all the way from smooth overdrive to heavy 70’ish distortion. The character of your instrument and amplifier wont get lost—but gained! And its designed to match the volume control on your guitar perfectly. Most pedals on this earth sounds just like pedals. Not the case with FETTO Nord 70+, this swivel-hipped loudmouth—Eddie & Mick & Lizzy here we go…


All original and handmade Himmelstrutz design. A further developed FETTO 9.0 cross-fertilised with our amazing Under OVER.

  • ▪ Power Consumption: 9 V DC/3.5 mA (Very low power consumption)
  • ▪ AC Adapter (Optional): 5-18 V DC, center-pin negative (Straight plug, BOSS Standard connection, regulated power supply)
  • ▪ Dimensions (L/W/H): 111,6/61,6/50,0 mm (4,37/2,4/1,9 In)
  • ▪ Weight: 450 grams/0,99 lbs—heavy!
  • ▪ Colour, finish: May vary depending on season and probably by a reason. Feb 2010 and further on: Stockholm White (RAL 9010) with grey/silver print



DRIVE*—Mechanical (true) bypass switching for the OVERDRIVE circuit: ON=blue LED

BOOST*—Mechanical (true) bypass switching for the BOOST circuit: ON =Orange LED

* The DRIVE/BOOST order is changeable (internal jumper switches)


DRIVE—Amount of overdrive/distortion, very natural, “amp sounding” all the way from lighter/medium/heavier sounds (but never “Metal”).

VOLUME—OVERDRIVE output level.

BOOST—BOOST output level.

TREBLE—Higher frequencies tone control (passive).


PRESENCE—3-position toggle/higher frequencies character (semi active).

GAIN—2-position toggle/gain level HIGH or LOW.


DRIVE GAIN & DRIVE BASS & BOOST GAIN trimmers. 3 x jumpers to set the DRIVE/BOOST order.


1 x 9 volts battery (6LR61)

1 x printed Owner’s Manual

1 x Warranty: The Himmelstrutz Elektro Art products includes a 1 year limited materials- and factory warranty (from delivery date). The warranty does not include batteries and consumables. Product service is free of charge during the warranty time. The warranty does not include errors due to product modifications, internal adjustments, disassembly, negligence/violence, incorrect power supply usage/incorrect connections or thunder. Shipping costs in non warranty cases is on the buyer.


NON EU 239 $ USD

No Swedish VAT inclusive

EU 259 EUR

Swedish VAT inclusive



At Himmelstrutz Elektro Art each product and unit is handcrafted with the mission to release the best possible sound, feel and looks.

As our available range is not mass-produced every item is unique, minor appearance differences may occur, without compromising quality—in rare cases it could also be minor dings in the color or print of the boxes. Returns due to this kind of irregularity will not be approved.



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