Tympanic-Membrane Pleasure

2295 SEK

Swedish VAT & Shipping Inclusive

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    Jump on GRAMPS+ to daze and confuse. Which of course will make your band and audience gratefully amazed and jealous and they will hate you. Or use it on all guitar tracks on all your recordings for that not so shimmering, bowl movement provoking, beautiful sound.

    Like the rest of the Himmelstrutz pedals GRAMPS+ will sound great at any volume. Just more fuzzy, if you like. Of course it’s also capable of generating more harmonic, loveful, distorted sounds which will transform you and your boring band and its audience into a creamy kind of happy mess.




    • GIMME’ – True bypass switching (push switch/blue LED)


    • Gain’ – Low/High/Guitar pickup selector (2-way switch)
    • Bias – Character of the day (3-way switch)


    • Cream’ – Boost/Overdrive/Dist/Fuzz
    • Bass’ – Bass/Fatness
    • Treble’ – Treble/Sharpness
    • Volume’ – Output Level (as loud as you’ll need)

    INTERNAL SETTINGS (1 trimmer)

    •  MID’, More or less mid frequencies. Default set pretty low…

    Even though GRAMPS+ sounds great by itself, used as anything from a Boost, a gentle or more driven Overdrive/Distortion or finally into a dark, addictive, provocative FUZZ* it also matches perfect with all other Himmelstrutz pedals – stacked in whatever order you prefer.

     – Must get noisy, like joining Hell?

     – No.

     – Which means a built in noise gate?

     – As mentioned above, we don’t bring Hell.

    * GRAMPS+ will never get way-out-of-control (weird gating/octaving/ocillating etc) – at least not when used by itself.


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