Space Trucker

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    Get yourself out in the space, to the wild pseudo-natural place you didn’t know existed these days!

    You have probably heard those kind of sounds on old vinyl records, or when your tipsy, sentimental grandpa yelled about it! But still you have no idea what he tried to convey?


    It’s about an ‘echo’ or a ‘reverb’ effect; the sound & feeling the pathetic old man tried to describe was most likely generated by a magnetic drum machine or a tape echo!

    With that in mind, Himmelstrutz GEKKO was born, to add a natural space, a not so clean, jumping lizardish sound to get heard in a mix and to make the creation of music more inspiring. Yeah, that’s an appropriate way to describe GEKKO – musical & inspiring!

    Added to that GEKKO is not just another “blue/soft/analog sounding” echo/delay. It’s more… or why not call it worse – and way louder if you want…




    • GIMME’ – True bypass switching (push switch/blue LED)


    • GLAZE’ – echo character/Lofi/Normal/Soft (3 way toggle switch)
    • WOBBLE’ – echo repeat (playing level/string pitch) variation (ON/OFF 2 way toggle switch)


    • Mix’ – Echo level (‘dry’ to ‘wet’)
    • Delay’ – echo time (approx. 45-600 mS)
    • Repeat’ – echo repeat(s) (1 to infinite/oscillation)
    • Volume’ – Output Level (as loud as you’ll need)


    •  ‘DELAY GAIN’, (trimmer) amount of dirt in the delay signal, ‘INPUT LEVEL’ (trimmer) more dirt control, ‘WOOBLE LEVEL’ (trimmer) amount of variation in the delay time/pitch depending on guitar level/guitar pitch – to emulate defects/wobble/variations in old tape echoes. ‘DRY ON/OFF’ (jumper switch) enables/disables the Dry Signal. Default: Dry Signal=enabled

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